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Gas has never been more expensive in the US, at $2.30 or so a gallon (3,88 kroner a litre), and my impression was that it’s the sort of political issue presidents are elected on. Of course, here in Norway, petrol is US$6.15 a gallon (11,22 kroner a litre), and in the Netherlands it’s $6.14, and in Great Britain, Germany and Belgium it’s around $5.92 a gallon. So Bergens Tidende tells us today.

I’m kind of pleased that while Norway does have the most expensive petrol in Europe, everyone else is pretty close. And we’re spending a smaller percentage of our incomes on petrol today (3%) than we were a decade ago (4%). Unfortunately a bus ticket has become vastly more expensive in terms of percentage of our incomes. I don’t know about the relative cost of shoes, which for me as a walk most places person would be the most valid comparison.

Though I admit, I loved driving a couple of thousand miles around the USA this summer. And today I’d have loved to have had a car to drive out to Coop Bygg (like the Home Depot) instead of having to take the bus.

11. August 2005 by Jill

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