is the new portal to Norwegian weblogs. As the title suggests, this portal will include blogs that are not perfect renditions of perfect lives, and it isn’t limited to diaries either, as is the previously only such portal, is a direct result of the fuss over the exclusion of Hvis jeg var Beathe from Torill explains it all – basically, Hvis jeg var Beathe is a blog/diary written by a boy who wants to write as though he’s a girl. The title means “if I were Beathe”, Beathe being a girl’s name. refused to include the blog in their list of recently updated sites because they said it wasn’t true.

It’s great to see diversity in the Norwegian blogosphere. Almost makes me wish I wrote in Norwegian, since I’m assume a more-or-less Norwegian blog written in English won’t work.

25. March 2005 by Jill

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