action plan for demartyring self

Steps to stop being a martyr:

  1. At start of week, write down what needs to be done before next Monday
  2. Prioritise ruthlessly. Absolute necessities get done first. Accept that many things won’t get done. Learn difference between what must be done and what doesn’t really need to be done.
  3. Own research is an absolute necessity, but should get carved into blocks of time that probably don’t coincide with teaching.
  4. Only check email once a day. (Would morning or afternoon be better?)
  5. Learn to be realistic about how much time things actually take.
  6. Prep next Monday’s lecture before Friday or (better still) never teach on Monday mornings.
  7. Never complain about having too much to do. Just say no to new tasks, and ask for help or cancel if there’s not enough time for something to get done.

Does that sounds right? Have I forgotten anything? Will it work?

13. March 2005 by Jill

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