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back to iraq 3.0

Christopher Allbritton is back in Iraq. He’s the freelance journalist who collected $15000 in donations and went to Iraq to report directly in his blog last March. His posts will no doubt be interesting, but oh dear, I hope he doesn’t get […]

send a blogger to Iraq

Christopher Allbritton is going to Iraq as an independent, blogging reporter, Wired writes. If you give him some money, he’ll send you and the other contributors photos and reports a day before he blogs them, and you get to be his “editors” […]

class feb 15: blogs and journalism

The topic for today’s class is blogs and journalism. We already talked a bit about the development of newspapers when we were talking about Habermas and the public sphere. Today we’ll be more specific. Some of the matters we’ll touch: We’ll start […]

wartime travelogue

Christopher Allbritton, the freelance independent journalist wanting to cover the Iraq war by weblog, is currently close to the border of Northern Iraq, trying to enter. His weblog, Back to Iraq is fascinating reading right now, it’s a lively, detailed and well-written […]