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straight out of a cyberpunk novel

The group that hacked into Sarah Palin’s email, Anonymous, seems like something out of a William Gibson novel. I’m not sure, but I might prefer to keep them in novel-space.

18. September 2008 by Jill
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how newspaper blogs go wrong, a Norwegian web journal that publishes science and research news, has jumped on the newspapers-must-assimilate-blogs bandwagon and asked researchers to blog for them. Unfortunately they don’t seem quite sure what a blog is. Links are rare and clumsy, posts … Continue reading

16. September 2008 by Jill

robot cupcakes

build a ROBOT cupcakes! Originally uploaded by hello naomi I might have to make some of these cute robot cupcakes I found on Flickr, via Thimble. Their creator, Naomi, bills herself as “a post graduate uni student who programs robots … Continue reading

07. September 2008 by Jill
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hyperlocal news: gather and report it in one fell swoop

In all the talk about the death of newspapers, people frequently argue that local news will still be of value, and more than that, the hyperlocal stories that couldn’t be covered when space (on paper) was limited. Bergens Tidende, our … Continue reading

03. September 2008 by Jill