Month: May 2008

from gin to television

Clay Shirky’s great at explaining the importance of participatory and social media, and his recent talk at the Web 2.0 conference last month, Gin, Television, and Social Surplus, is an excellent example – not to mention a good and inspiring read. Clay […]


There’s a great interview with my World of Warcraft Reader co-editor Hilde Corneliussen and contributors Espen Aarseth, Torill Mortensen and Charlotte H‰gstrˆm in – and the interview was held in World of Warcraft. This game-savvy journalist also covered the World of […]

my current blog favourites

My blog reading list has changed of late. I’m currently fascinated by craft blogs and by parenting blogs – isn’t it nice how there’s a blog (or a dozen) for every phase in your life, every interest you acquire? My daily blog […]

second only to the scrabble dictionary

Thanks to Scott at GrandTextAuto and to Maggie Green at the gamer blog Kotaku for the writeups of the World of Warcraft Reader. It’s exciting to see what people think of the book – actually, we still haven’t heard what any real […]

the World of Warcraft Reader makes a very nice cat bed

In between feeding Jessica, cuddling Jessica, changing Jessica’s many nappies, trying to give my eleven-year-old a bit of much-needed big sister attention and (not least) trying to catch up on sleep, I’ve been eagerly following the fate of the World of Warcraft […]

Call for Papers and Works: Seminar on Electronic Literature in Europe

Call for Papers and Works: Seminar on Electronic Literature in Europe September 11-13th, 2008 at the University of Bergen in Bergen, Norway. The Fall 2008 Bergen Seminar on Electronic Literature in Europe will build upon the work of the e-poetry seminar held […]

World of Warcraft anthology is out now!

Right after Jessica was born, our anthology of scholarly essays on World of Warcraft was finally published! Here’s a pile of them, don’t they look great? Buy your own copy today! Or borrow one from a library 🙂 If you want a […]

how to get a passport photo of a baby

Even infants need passports these days – and you have to get a passport photo by the same rules as for adults: front of the face, eyes open, looking at the camera, no parental hands holding her up, white background, mouth closed… […]