What do you think of when you see the title oooxxxooo? I see hot sand and sunlight. I am six years old, sitting under a tree with my dad, drawing crosses in the sand. Daddy draws circles, and wins. Noughts and crosses, farmer's chess, tic tac toe.

This is a review or perhaps a reading of Juliet Ann Martin's cycle of poems, oooxxxooo. Have you read her poems? Why don't you go and have a look at them if you haven't? Come back here and read more of my reading afterwards. Or read some of this essay first and then see how you like the poems.

You can read oooxxxooo in many ways, choosing your own path through the text. Or rather, choosing which doors to open, which links to follow - you can't choose your destination. You'll find you keep returning to the same core, the same hub, as you may find in this essay. Remember, you can always go back if you feel lost.

This review, essay, reading, is written so you can move through it in many directions. If you don't like labyrinths, there's a road map of sorts. But try the labyrinth first.

Jill Walker: A Child's Game Confused
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