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Rettberg, Jill Walker. Seeing Ourselves Through Technology: How We Use Selfies, Blogs and Wearable Devices to See and Shape Ourselves. Basingbroke: Palgrave, 2014.

Rettberg, Jill Walker. Blogging. 2nd edition. Cambridge: Polity Press, 2013.

Corneliussen, Hilde and Jill Walker Rettberg (eds.) Digital Culture, Play and Identity: A World of Warcraft Reader. Cambridge MA: MIT Press, 2008.

Walker, Jill. Fiction and Interaction: How Clicking a Mouse Can Make You Part of a Fictional World. Dr. art. thesis, Dept of Humanistics, University of Bergen, 2003. Available as a PDF.

Book chapters and academic papers

Rettberg, Jill Walker. "Machine Vision as Viewed Through Art: Hostile Other or Part of Ourselves?." Paper to be presented at Post-Screen Festival (PSF2016) in Lisbon, 17-18 November 2016.

Rettberg, Jill Walker. "Biometric Citizens: Adapting Our Selfies To Machine Vision." Preprint. In Kuntsman, Adi (ed.) Selfie Citizenship. Forthcoming, Palgrave (2016?).

Rettberg, Jill Walker. "Self-Representation in Social Media." In Burgess, Jean, Alice Marwick, and Thomas Poell (eds.) SAGE Handbook of Social Media, edited by Jean Burgess, . Sage, forthcoming. Pre-print, July 2016.

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Rettberg, Jill Walker. "Fremtidsmedier tyve år seinere: en respons til Jon Bing sett gjennom teknothrillere og cyberpunk". Norsk medietidsskrift, 2013:4 (forthcoming)

Rettberg, Jill Walker. A Network Analysis of Dissertations About Electronic Literature. Paper presented at ELO2013: Chercher le texte, Paris 23-27 September, 2013.

Rettberg, Jill Walker. "Norsk blogghistorie: erindringer fra årtusenskiftet", i Kristian Bjørkelo (red.) Gi meg en scene! Norsk blogghistorie - ti år med terror, traumer og dagens outfit. Oslo: Humanist forlag, 2013.

Rettberg, Jill Walker. "Electronic Literature Seen from a Distance: The Beginnings of a Field" in Dichtung Digital 41, 2012.

Hooper, Clare J. and Rettberg, Jill Walker. Experiences with Geographical Collaborative Systems: Playfulness in Geosocial Networks and Geocaching. In "Please Enjoy" workshop at MobileHCI 2011, Aug 30 - Sept 2, Stockholm, Sweden. PDF.

Rettberg, Jill Walker. "Digitale tekster: blogging, Wikipedia og SMS." Sakprosa i skolen. Fagbokforlaget 2010 s. 185-196

Rettberg, Jill Walker. "Freshly Generated for You, and Barack Obama": How Social Media Represent Your Life. European Journal of Communication 24(4) pp 451-466, 2009. Preprint freely available

Rettberg, Jill Walker. "Feral Hypertext: When Hypertext Literature Escapes Control", in Hunsinger, Jeremy; Klastrup, Lisbeth; Allen, Matthew (Eds.) International Handbook of Internet Research. Springer: 2010.

Rettberg, Scott, and Jill Walker Rettberg. "Narrative and Digital Media". In Approaches to Teaching Narrative Theory, eds. David Herman, Brian McHale, and James Phelan, MLA (2010).

Rettberg, Jill Walker. "Blogs, Literacies and the Collapse of Private and Public". Leonardo Electronic Almanac 16(2-3) (September 2008). Also in the proceedings of Digital Arts and Culture, 2007.

Walker, Jill. "A Network of Quests in World of Warcraft". In Second Person: Role-Playing and Story in Games and Playable Media, eds. Pat Harrigan and Noah Wardrip-Fruin. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. 2007.Table of contents available. Here is a PDF of a preprint version.

Walker, Jill. "Blogging from Inside the Ivory Tower". In Uses of Blogs, edited by Axel Bruns and Joanne Jacobs. Peter Lang. 2006. More info.

Walker, Jill. "Mirrors and Shadows: The Digital Aestheticisation of Oneself". In the proceedings of Digital Arts and Culture, 2005. Pages 184-190.

Walker, Jill. "Distributed Narrative: Telling Stories Across Networks". In Consalvo, M., Hunsinger, J. and Baym, N. (eds.) The 2005 Association of Internet Researchers Annual, Peter Lang, New York. (draft that's close to published version / longer version presented at AoIR conference)

Walker, Jill. "Feral Hypertext: When Hypertext Literature Escapes Control" (PDF) (Also available from the ACM Digital Library). Published in the proceedings of ACM Hypertext 2005, Salzburg September 6-9, 2005.

Walker, Jill. "Weblogs: Learning in Public." On the Horizon Vol 13, Issue 2, 2005. 112-118. Abstract in journal.

Walker, Jill. "Links and Power: The Political Economy of Linking on the Web." Library Trends 2005;53(4):524-529. (Not online, though an earlier, shorter version that was presented at Hypertext 2002 is.)

Walker, Jill. "Weblog" and "Cyberpunk", definitions for the Routledge Encyclopedia of Narrative Theory, Routledge 2005.

Walker, Jill. How I Was Played by Online Caroline. In First Person: New Media as Story, Performance and Game, edited by Noah Wardrip-Fruin and Pat Harrigan. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2004.

Walker, Jill. Å lære å gi og motta konstruktiv kritikk gjennom medstudentvurdering. : Universitetspedagogisk utviklingsarbeid i Bergen: Bidrag fra deltakerne i Utviklingsprogram i Universitetspedagogikk.. Bergen: Program for læringsforskning, Universitetet i Bergen 2004. s. 181-197. Written 2004, an essay discussing how peer assessment worked in a course I taught in the autumn of 2003.

Walker, Jill. Performing Fictions: Depiction and Interaction. Fine Art Forum 18:7, 2003. [As of Jan 2007 fineartforum.org seems to be down?] Also presented at MelbourneDAC, May 2003. [This website also down? Bizarre]. Published in proceedings of MelbourneDAC, pp 198-206. Here's a version rescued from archive.org.

Walker, Jill. Links and Power: The Political Economy of Linking on the Web. Short paper presented at Hypertext 2002. In Proceedings of Hypertext 2002, Baltimore: ACM Press. 78-79. PDF.

Walker, Jill. Blogging Thoughts: Personal Publication as an Online Research Tool. With Torill Mortensen. In Researching ICTs in Context, ed. Andrew Morrison, InterMedia Report, 3/2002, Oslo 2002. Buy the book at gnist.no.

Do you think you're part of this? Digital texts and the second person address(PDF)
Cybertext Yearbook, Jyvskyl University.
You can order the whole anthology from roisko@dodo.jyu.fi.

Walker, Jill. A Child's Game Confused
a hypertextual riff against (or with?) some netpoems. JoDI 1.7, 2000.
local mirror.

Piecing together and tearing apart: reading afternoon, a story.
about Michael Joyce's classic hypertext fiction.
Won The Ted Nelson Newcomer Award, Hypertext '99.

Walker, Jill. Tripp trapp tresko i cyberspace
en hypertekstuell anmeldelse av Juliet Ann Martins elektroniske diktsyklus xxxoooxxx. vinduet.no,1998.

A Midsummer Night's Dream. Literature on the Web: A Web and MOO Project at Lingo.uib. A MOO programmed for teaching A Midsummer Night's Dream and English literature, and an annotated, hypertextual version of the text of the play. 1999.

Walker, Jill. Hypertextual Criticism: Comparative Readings of Three Web Hypertexts about Literature and Film
my MA thesis (hovedoppgave) on non-fiction web hypertexts. Dept of Comparative Literature, University of Bergen, 1998.

Popular articles, reviews and web projects

Nettverket som kunstrom, Kunstkritikk.no, November 2003.

Kunst i bevegelse: elektronisk kunst i offentlige rom. In the catalogue Elektronisk kunst i offentlige rom., edited by Janne Stang Dahl and Jøran Rudi, 2004. There's also an English version of the catalogue, Electronic Art in Public Space.

"Tegnemaskin 1-12: Utsmykking på http://odin.dep.no." Jahn, Elisabeth Tetens og Torgersen, Anneli, red. Utsmykkingsfondet for offentlige bygg: Årskatalog 2003. Oslo: Utsmykkingsfondet for offentlige bygg; 2004. p 31-36. Not online.

Makten forrykkes på nettet. Kronikk i Bergens Tidende om blogging, nettdagbøker og makt. 22. september 2002.

Epostpoesi og epostfortellinger. Kunstnett, juni 2002.

Reisebrev fra NIC2001, publisert i Kunstnett Norges nettkunstmagasin. November 2001.

email narratives
an annotated bibliography.

Men er det litteratur?
en introduksjon til skjermtekster. Bob nr. 7-8, 2000.

Men hvorfor virker ikke musen?
en anmeldelse av nettkunsten på høstutstillingen. Kunstnett Norge,okt 2000.

How to learn MOO programming Annotated links for non-programmers, 1999.

Jeg taster, derfor er jeg
en kronikk om webspeoperaer. Studvest, 18/1999.

Jernaldervev: lesefragmenter
en hypertekst om min lesning av Steinar Lødings papirroman Jernalderdrøm. 1998.


Jill Walker Rettberg is a professor of Digital Culture at the University of Bergen. Her research is on networked fiction, which includes electronic literature, weblogs, electronic art, web hoaxes and grassroots game-creation. She has two recent books: one a monography simply titled Blogging, published on Polity Press in 2008, and the other an antology co-edited with Hilde Corneliussen, titled Digital Culture, Play and Identity: A World of Warcraft Reader, published by MIT Press the same year. Her PhD, which she successfully defended in November 2003, is titled Fiction and Interaction: How Clicking a Mouse Can Make You Part of a Fiction.


Dr Jill Walker Rettberg, Research Group for Digital Culture, LLE, University of Bergen