i can’t…

I blogged this two years ago but obviously need a refresher: everyone thinks they’re a fraud. At least some of the time. I didn’t actually realise that until I read a book my sister lent me – I used to think it […]

australian diaspora

Good heavens: there are 800 000 Australian citizens living abroad! That’s five percent of the population. We’re the Australian diaspora! I belong to a community! With a mailing list! And my community actually fought for me to be able to be a […]


This is the first semester we’re using A, B, C, D and even E (and F for fail) as grades in Norway, and the national guidelines for what the grades are supposed to mean are now available, even in English, if you […]


Look, he’s serious! And so incredibly honest about it! From today’s email: I am interested in buying text link advertising promoting my internet pharmacy off of your website. The links would not have to be in a very prominent place on the […]

not documenting, doing

Yesterday I agreed with Lilia that most researchers’ blogs don’t document research. Today while reading a post on David Weinberger’s blog I realised that that’s completely beside the point: research happens in blogs, and in the conversations between blogs. Blogs aren’t about […]

If I simply look back at my writing here since I wondered what my other voices might be, I realise I have changed. My posts are much shorter than usual and they’re a lot more frequent. My sentences recently tend not to […]


I wanted to explore my possible voices. My other voices, the ones that I don’t use here. That I don’t use at all. I’ve shied away from it, written regular posts, manic posts, boring posts, eager posts. I’ve toyed with the idea […]

hiding behind a blog

Exhibitionism and mental masturbation? Nonsense. Blogging is about hiding. It’s about partial truths and a voice that is binding as well as freeing. When my partner tells me he’s unsure about our relationship I write about protesters rallying for peace. When I […]