family stories

This evening I rediscovered a small stack of family papers, mostly relating to my grandmother Lorna’s family. Lorna Walker, nÈe McAuley – I posted a scrap of video of Lorna a month or so ago. Each person on the family tree has […]

i’m blogging this

Amazing, really, that I’ve been blogging for nearly three and a half years (!) and only got one of these t-shirts today. I’ve never seen one in person before though, and I’m giggling (alone in my office) thinking of all the interesting […]


This is my grandmother, Lorna, on a Christmas day in Perth in the eighties. She came to visit us in Norway when I was little and did yoga and when we visited her she had a cat and a dog and lived […]

danish electronic literature

An article in Søndag Aften provides an annotated list of a dozen or so Danish works of electronic literature – that is, literature that uses the medium and isn’t just a book converted to a PDF or unlinked webpage. Poesi.dk has lots […]


Being able to reuse teaching materials is brilliant, and embarking on my second year of teaching I’m just reaping my first crop. And you know, they get better each time, because I’ve learnt from last year’s problems. Well, from some of them, […]

Åpen høring

Responses are invited to a report on open source in Norway: “Åpen programvare i Norge – status, effekter, hindringer og drivere”. The report and more information (in Norwegian) is available from e-norge, the government’s information site about IT strategy in Norway.

clara holst

I’ll be defending my doctorate just a fortnight shy of a hundred years after the first woman in Norway was awarded her doctoral degree.

jenny holzer at telenor

There’s a Jenny Holzer installation at the new Telenor building at Fornebu, a 30 kroner bus ride from Oslo, and on Saturday afternoon James and I went out to see it. Running Letters consists of words that scroll from right to left […]