social media

Madonna is a fan of fanvids?

Madonna’s half-time show at the Super Bowl yesterday is a great example of the symbiotic relationship between so-called mainstream culture and amateur, remix, fan culture or whatever you want to see it. First, Luminosity made a very well-received fan video combining Madonna’s […]

conferences and writings providing criticism of social media

I read Mark Andrejevic‘s article on “Social Network Exploitation” yesterday (in Paparcharissi (ed) A Networked Self, Routledge 2011), and its marxist critique of the ways companies might and/or do exploit our use of social media is excellently chilling. I’m going to be teaching […]

wikipedia academy talk

I’m giving a talk at the Wikipedia Academy in Bergen Oct 14-15, and since it’s the Wikipedia, I thought it would be better form to plot the talk out in a blog post rather than making a shiny Powerpoint. Here’s the abstract, […]

playing hosts

Thomas and I spent a pleasant couple of hours this morning showing our conference‘s first guest of honour around Bergen. Much more fun than sitting in the office doing last minute organisation, and it was really interesting getting to know Howard Rheingold […]