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Hey girl Audun Lysbakken

Today I’m loving these Hey Girl Audun Lysbakken photos – Lysbakken heads the socialist party (SV) and I suppose he is rather good looking. Someone has started a series of photos of him based on the Ryan Gosling memes, or more specifically, […]

We need to teach our kids to code!

I wrote an op-ed for Aftenposten today about the need to teach our kids programming. Working on the government report on hindrances for digital innovation in Norway I read a lot about how we currently define “digital competency” and “digital skills”, and […]

How to be an open access scholar

After writing a blog post about open access, Bente Kalsnes asked today for practical suggestions on how to be an Open Access researcher. Here’s how: Publish in open access journals. If you’re in Norway, you’ll also want to search DBH’s list of approved […]