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1 kr for the box, 100 for the shipping

I just signed up for a 1 kroner trial “ebox” (what a nothing-meaning name, huh?) which is one of those gizmos you plug in and henceforth can control every piece of electrical equiptment in your house through the internet. The info is […]


Yesterday I was fiddling with colours, toying with stylesheets and thinking to myself how much easier it is to refurbish a blog than to, say, paint my kitchen. Then I started counting the hours I’ve spent learning MoveableType, adapting templates, rebuilding stylesheets, […]

in transition

The layout of this blog is in transition – having moved to MoveableType I want to make things like links from other blogs to posts in this blog very visible – I want to emphasise the network. Of course there aren’t any […]

moving to moveabletype

This is my first post to jill/txt using MoveableType. I started blogging in October 2000. It was reading I realised what blogging was about. I can’t remember how I found Caterina, but once found I loved what I read: her beautiful […]