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no smoking

Smoking in bars and restaurants became illegal in Norway a few hours ago. I was surprised to read that Norway’s only the second country in the world to pass such strict anti-smoking legislation – certainly both the US and Australia used to […]


Her feet barely touch the ground as she flies down the passageways, escaping my camera’s reluctant shutter in a blur as she shouts out without looking back: “Run, mummy, run! We have to explore!”

trans-cultural mapping

Locative is a network of projects, I think, artistic uses of technology, space, location, wireless, mobile gadgetry, and they’re running a series of “Trans-Cultural Mapping” workshops this summer in Northern Europe. They’re currently seeking participants. The next is in Iceland: “One of […]

two cultures

Demos Greenhouse has a post today that nicely encapsulates the power of blogs and networking online – and the disadvantages of it, seen from the point of view of a thinktank of political activists and researchers (“people changing politics”)who have only recently […]

switching – pros and cons

WordPress was far easier to install than Movable Type was, and it has built in spam blacklists and easier-looking comment management, and a nice interface, but I don’t know php so editing the templates I find that I’m spending a lot of […]

this template

This layout is called Rubric, is designed by Hadley Wickham, and won second place in a styling competition for WordPress. I’ll come up with something of my own in a while, but not just now. [Update: design is changing…]

In transit

WordPress is far easier to install than Movable Type was. Might take a while before things are in order here, though.