ridicule and fahrenheit 911

I was thinking more about Fahrenheit 911 this morning, having heard it’s not going to be shown here until September, and having been reading about it lately. When I saw the movie I cried and raged at all the bits I was meant to, but one sequence really took me by surprise. What on earth was Michael Moore thinking to represent the nations of the “coalition of the willing” in such an overtly racist, ridiculing manner? Vikings for Iceland, joints for the Netherlands and monkeys for Marocco? Cartoon-like voice-overs and open mockery of man nations just to make the point that most of the world opposed the war on Iraq? The English-speaking members of the coalition weren’t mentioned, interestingly enough, nor were the Spaniards.

I know ridicule, racism, sexism and other kinds of oppression are far more easily perceived when you’re on the receiving end, but it seems hard to believe that Moore could condoned such a sequence without seeing what a stupid white man perspective it is on the world.

21. July 2004 by Jill

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