student work!

A selection of rather wonderful student projects, with lots of creativity and skill and obvious enjoyment:

  • Sykkelturen 2004: Documenting and promoting three lads cycling from the North Cape to Sicily.
  • A presentation of the opera.
  • Project Mayhem: A fiction piece (thank goodness) about four blokes planning, well, mayhem. I think they robbed a bank on May 17. Must have been very successful since the papers didn’t report it. I’m particularly happy that a group tried their hands at a real electronic narrative.
  • Baltisk biltur: A guide to the Baltic told as fictional postcards sent home with facts along the way.
  • Grafitti, tagging and stencils from the streets of Bergen.
  • Magasin for etterp?•klokskap: A scientific journal for, well, hindsight.
  • You think you know…: A charmingly chaotic concoction of girltalk about being girls, boys , sex and flirtation.

I’ll post the complete list to the class blog soon – there’s a lot of good work been done!

08. June 2004 by Jill

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