switching – pros and cons

WordPress was far easier to install than Movable Type was, and it has built in spam blacklists and easier-looking comment management, and a nice interface, but I don’t know php so editing the templates I find that I’m spending a lot of time squinting so I only see the familiar codes and not those lines of php with all the disconcerting question marks.

To change the URLs of my permalinks I have to “use mod_rewrite” which is no doubt basic for a programmer and I know I’ll be able to google my way to doing it, whatever it is, in time, but I’ve gotta say Movable Type is closer to HTML and familiar pastures.

I was getting a teeny bit sick of having to delete comments every single time I took a look at my blog, though. I’m not convinced WordPress’ll have better spam control, but simply changing systems should confuse the evil spammers for a while, anyway. I thought of using Tinderbox again. Now that Haloscan offers both comments and trackbacks I wouldn’t have to give up my networkedness. But I do like having the comments in my own control. It’s so cool that I could just import all the posts, comments and trackbacks from Movable Type, no problem!

I’ll try WordPress for a while. Maybe I’ll return to Movable Type, or Tinderbox, or another platform in a while. Trying out different systems is good. Like stretching. Keeps you flexible.

29. May 2004 by Jill

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