Being able to reuse teaching materials is brilliant, and embarking on my second year of teaching I’m just reaping my first crop. And you know, they get better each time, because I’ve learnt from last year’s problems. Well, from some of them, anyway.

Tomorrow’s lecture is on weblogs, and the students come to it having read a chapter of on hypertextuality as well as heard Scott Rettberg’s guest lecture last Wednesday. The coming Wednesday I’m giving each student their own weblog and we’ll start writing.

So I was poking around for old slides and what do you know, I have dozens of powerpoint presentations on weblogs that can be adapted for tomorrow’s class by replacing a slide or two. That’s convenient. And it’s easy to think up a new way to use my favourite (OK, probably the only) Norwegian pre-digital, print, hypertext story to both practice reading and work with some basic hypertext terms. And it can all be done with a big group of students and no computers. Cool!

I wonder if I could plan all my teaching in reusable modules like that. I suspect that as the semester progresses it’ll become less viable, but even just collecting a few modules very deliberately would be useful. So here’s one for “Faen”. In Norwegian.

18. January 2004 by Jill
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