A wishlist for our library from Routledge’s 2013 catalogue

Leafing through Routledge’s catalogue for Media and Communication I ended up with a long list of books I’d be interested in. I must say though, almost all these books cost at least £80 each, which seems exorbitant. I won’t be buying them myself, and although Routledge is a respected publisher, I’ll be submitting my next book proposal to publishers that sell books at prices people are actually likely to pay. I’m sure Routledge will cry themselves to sleep over this rejection 😉

I did send the list to our librarian, though, and I’m sure the UiB university library will buy many and maybe all of them. I suppose Routledge prices for libraries, not individuals.

Göran Bolin:  Cultural Technologies: The Shaping of Culture in Media and Society

We discuss these issues in several of our courses, so a chapter may well be useful on a reading list. And I heard Göran Bolin give an interesting talk at MiT8 earlier this month, so I’d like to learn more about his work.

Mark Andrejevic: Infoglut: How Too Much Information Is Changing the Way We Think and Know

I really enjoyed Andrejevic’s discussion of how we can become estranged from our own use of social media, which I both blogged about and taught last year, and look forwards to reading more of his work.

Applen, JD – Writing for the Web

This might be useful for our web design students. I like how it appears to integrate technical skills like XHTML and CSS with rhetorical communication on the web and how to organise information.

Heidi Campbell – Digital Religion: Understanding Religious Practice in New Media Worlds

This doesn’t relate to my own work, but is certainly related to digital culture.

Steven E. Jones – The Emergence of the Digital Humanities

Another useful-looking discussion of the digital humanities. There are a number of these, now, and I’ve no idea if this one is better or worse than the others – the description is quite sparse. But we’re doing digital humanities here and so I’d like to know what’s being written about the field.

The rest of my list won’t be published until after the summer, but lots of the books look interesting:



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