Blogs use the word “love” more than any other

I’m not sure if the title is completely true, but I do love this map Media Cloud made of the 1000 top US blogs (according to Technorati in early 2011) showing that “the biggest single cluster with 137 blogs is the big ‘love’ cluster”, meaning that the word “love” is the most common word in this interlinked cluster. The “love” blogs are “a mix of general crafting blogs and general personal life blogs”, including titles like [ Wee WonderfulsLoobyluA Dress A Day,  Sea of Shoes, PostSecret, still meCrazyAuntPurl. Out of these 137, 44 focus only on knitting. Compare that to a total of 88 blogs in the Technorati top 1000 that focus on politics.

network diagram of 1000 most popular blogs according to Technorati in early 2011

Another interesting map of blogs is this map of the French blogosphere in 2010, cited by Juliette de Maeyer in her paper “Methods for mapping hyperlink networks Examining the environment of Belgian news websites” (2010)

I’m not sure where the political blogs are in this map, and unfortunately Wikiopole no longer publishes the map, but it’s clear that here, too, crafts, leisure and even scrapbooking dwarf high-tech blogs, which we once, along with political blogs, thought were the mainstay of blogging.

18. September 2012 by Jill
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