Revising “Blogging”: blogs and journalism

I’ve been ploughing through my book, Blogging, figuring out what needs revising for the second edition. Lots is still good, but some is outdated – like the lengthy explanations of what Facebook is. Not necessary in 2012…

So far the chapter on blogs and journalism has the most pages crossed out.

I think a lot changed. And there are some obvious new examples to discuss. I’ll definitely include a discussion of the use of blogs and Twitter during and after the Utøya massacre. I don’t mention newspapers live-blogging trials, sports and other events – this must be a new but fairly well-established journalistic genre by now. Has anyone written about it? And what I wrote about Technorati and Slashdot and others as gatewatchers of the media via blogs (following Axel Bruns) needs updating. Does this even happen any more? There’s certainly a gate watching function in Twitter and Facebook’s sharing of links to news and sometimes to blogs. But something directly relating to blogs?

I wrote this on my iPhone. One reason I blog and comment less on blogs is that I read mostly on my phone or iPad, and typing is a nuisance and linking is a pain. But I’ve decided to do more of t anyway 🙂


27. June 2012 by Jill
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