Do people still see blogs as networks?

I’m working on a revision of my book Blogging, and it’s really interesting revisiting this book that I wrote five years ago. One thing is that social media wasn’t a familiar term back then, and that Path, Pinterest and and many other popular sites didn’t exist. But there are lots of other little things that have changed.


In this section I talk about the tools we use(d) to see the networks blogs are part of, and called this the “exoskeleton” of blogs. I’m not reallye sure if the blogosphere works like that any more, though. I find blog posts in my rss reader or on twitter or Facebook and only rarely by following links from other blogs as I used to do. Maybe I exaggerate – but it seems to me that blogs link to each other less today? Have you come across any research or studies about this? And what is YOUR impression?

23. June 2012 by Jill
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