Chain mail campaigns make me hate social media

I want to support children in Greece. And I trust SOS Children’s Villages. My family sponsors a child through them. But I dislike this campaign:

It wants me to email my friends telling them about the campaign. Not to ask them for money, just to ask them to email their friends about it. Apollo, a travel agent that does lots of business selling Norwegians summer holidays in Greece, will donate 10 kr to the campaign to help children in Greece for each of my friends who joins the campaign by sending their friends emails asking them to join the campaign too. My friends wouldn’t be asked to donate money to children in Greece. But by participating, SOS Children’s Villages gets their names on a mailing list and will send them emails in future.

I get that this might be a good way of increasing a mailing list while Apollo gets advertisements, but I *hate* chain mail so much there’s no way I’m forwarding this to friends. So instead I’ve donated directly to SOS Children’s Villages work for children in Greece, and I’d encourage you to do so too.

For international readers, look at SOS Children’s Villages website for your country.

I wonder whether campaigns like this one work. They probably do. Although everyone I speak to hates chain mail, it keeps being sent, so obviously works at some level… Does the campaign give you the creeps, or is it just me?

19. June 2012 by Jill
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