when bloggers quit blogging

Norway’s most read blogger, fifteen-year-old Voe, has announced that she’s quitting. Voe has had a lot of media attention – in her end of year summary (posted two days before her “this is the end” post) she ironically writes that the “huge and terrible” blog fight between her and another top blogger, Ida Wulff, was made more of by the media than by the bloggers. I’m not surprised she’s ready to move on.

Philippe Lejeune is one of the great theorists of traditional diaries, and his article about why people stop writing diaries is very useful for thinking about how blogs end as well. Cleverly enough, I wrote a post about this back in 2006 when I still had time to think and blog and didn’t have a toddler and a baby fighting over dummies and asking for my continuous attention.

I haven’t quit blogging. It’s certainly on the slow burner for me right now, though….

04. January 2011 by Jill

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