why i’m not blogging these days (and what i’m teaching this autumn)

Benjamin arrived 10 days after his due date, on February 16, and is absolutely beautiful. We’re busy sleeping and eating and spending time with eager relatives and learning how to be a family of five – the latter probably posing the most challenges to Benji’s not-quite-two-year-old big sister, who is sweet and gorgeous and intensely in need of attention these days 🙂

iPhones are great for reading while nursing, so I’m still reading blogs, but I’m taking a break from writing. I’ll be on maternity leave until August, and then Scott and I will each work 2 1/2 days a week until March next year, when our parental leave runs out.

This autumn I’ll be teaching a short, 5 ECTS course on Communicating in Social Media, which I’m really looking forward to. Here’s the outline of the course (PDF) that I sent to the department for approval – there may be minor changes, but this should give you a pretty good idea of what the course will look like. There’ll be three days of intensive classes, followed by three weeks of independent work. Finally students will hand in a portfolio including a profile page on a social network site and an outline of a strategy for how this specific (real or fictional) organisation will continue to communicate through social media. Lectures (but not labs and feedback from teachers) will be open to people who would like to learn more about social media but who don’t need the credits. I’ll post more information about this course in late spring, when we’ll also have dates and details figured out.

I’ll also be teaching into DIKULT204: Digital Culture and Digital Media with Scott. This course will be a survey of electronic literature and digital art, and is taught in English.

06. March 2010 by Jill

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