not so great aspects of blogher business

I loved the first case studies presented at BlogHer Business, and the BlogHer 2009 Women in Social Media Survey was really interesting too, but by now I’m getting a little disgruntled.

  • Two hours and ten minutes of continuous talking from stage is too much. I was unable to focus after 90 minutes.
  • After two hours and ten minutes of continuous listening, it’s really disappointing to walk into the hallway and find no coffee and no snacks. I had to walk a block and a half to raise my blood sugar. (Mind you, I got excellent coffee and snacks once I got there).
  • The keynote conversation currently going on isn’t about blogging, it’s about how you can still sell stuff during a recession. And it’s going to last a whole hour. Also, the BlogHer program states that “”Sponsors do not pay for or influence session content” yet this keynote speaker (Lauren Zalaznick of Women@NBCU (iVillage etc) represents a company that’s an investor in BlogHer. So I’m paying $600 for non-blogging related keynote by a sponsor of BlogHer.
  • The current session will go on for 2 hours and 45 minutes before the next break.

People are starting to look rather bored in the audience. I suspect I’ll find BlogHer regular more fun – it starts tomorrow.

Update: The Tropicana case study is also about a promotion specifically conducted on the BlogHer website and on iVillage, which is, of course, also an investor in BlogHer. Great.

23. July 2009 by Jill

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