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An experiment: here’s the current draft of the paper I’m writing on ways in which social media visualise and narrativise their users historical data, providing us with new kinds of mirrors in which to see ourselves and decide who we are. Here’s my previous blog post about the paper. It’s due in four weeks and there’s still plenty to do, but I’d love comments, feedback, corrections etc if you have the time and inclination.

Stuff I’d particularly like feedback on includes: are there more than the three ways of researching social media that I identify in the fourth paragraph and on? What do you think of the patterns/templates I identify in the visualisations? Are there more dark sides (towards the end of the paper)? Who should I cite and how should I make the argument that we use narratives to understand our lives and construct our identities, and that often these narratives build on cultural templates/norms that define what is important?

The paper’s in Google docs and the link above lets you be a collaborator. I’d appreciate it if you simply add comments (using the INSERT –> comment tool or using a different text colour) at relevant places in the text – or write a comment here, or whatever.

08. May 2009 by Jill

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