why not show us the effects of our privacy settings?

Noted in my rapid morning reading of RSS feeds: danah boyd writes about Facebook’s complex privacy settings confusing people: “Tech developers… I implore you… put privacy information into the context of the content itself. When I post a photo in my album, let me see a list of EVERYONE who can view that photo. When I look at a photo on someone’s profile, let me see everyone else who can view that photo before I go to write a comment. You don’t get people to understand the scale of visibility by tweetling a few privacy settings every few months and having no idea what “Friends of Friends” actually means. If you have that setting on and you go to post a photo and realize that it will be visible to 5,000 people included 10 ex-lovers, you’re going to think twice. Or you’re going to change your privacy settings.” Indeed, that does seem like the obvious solution.

23. October 2008 by Jill

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