Jessica Ann Rettberg

Jessica Ann Rettberg was born two days ago, on Saturday April 19, at 11:45 am. She weighs 3655 grams and is 50 cm long, and is absolutely beautiful. Everything went very well, really, well, you know, obviously the whole giving birth thing is extraordinarily hard work (just try relaxing through a hideous contraction so the baby can finish rotating down the birth canal) – but I had great support from Scott and the midwives at our hospital and everything went really well. We’re back at home and apart from her tendency to want to sleep all day and wake all night, we’re doing wonderfully. Here she is, just ten or fifteen minutes after she was born.

Jessica, ten or fifteen minutes old

Jessica hasn’t started blogging yet, but Jason Nelson made us a beautiful birthday present for her, look at this!

21. April 2008 by Jill

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