31 weeks pregnant


  • My belly’s big enough now that I can’t bend over comfortably, or pull on my stockings, or zip up my boots. The fun second trimester’s definitely over.
  • My normal walk to work – thirty minutes, which I usually love – is unusually exhausting.
  • My stomach muscles are stretched to the point of uselessness. Getting up from any seated position other than a straight-backed chair, or from a lying position, involves puffing and panting and cunning use of arms.
  • Did I mention I’m a lot more tired than usual? Not really sleepy – just tired. Not much energy over for blogging – or even for washing the mark left from that week-old cat puke properly off the floor. (Oh dear. I did vaccuum. And I promise I’ll wash the floor more when the baby starts crawling on it…)


  • The lovely barrista at Kaos saw my belly and announced that they serve free cake to pregnant and breastfeeding women! Cake is something I can eat LOTS of these days, so I’ll be a frequent customer…
  • There’s no way you could see my belly and wonder whether I just gained a lot of weight recently. I’m very definitely pregnant…
  • Only nine weeks until we meet our little baby girl!

11. February 2008 by Jill

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