dilemma: lose the del.icio.us links altogether or allow baby-links to infest my RSS?

I have a problem. If you read my RSS feed you’ll know that it includes both blog posts and the bookmarks I post to del.icio.us. That’s great – and actually it seems more people click through to read the sites I bookmark than click through to follow links in my longer posts. Presumably that means people like the bookmarks.

But recently lots of the sites I bookmark are baby-related sites (did I tell you I’m officially in the third trimester now? Less than twelve weeks left!) as I’m reading up on how to make sure this baby learns how to sleep at night, unlike her big sister, who woke more and more frequently the older she got. At seven months she was waking hourly demanding more milk, until we finally successfully “ferberized” her, after a month of supposedly kinder methods that didn’t work. (Ferberizing worked beautifully and rapidly and everyone was much happier after just two days – including the baby.) The main thing I’m determined to do differently in parenting this time round is avoid teaching the baby to wake every hour to eat.

Anyway, the point is, most of you probably don’t want lots of links about babies’ sleep patterns in your RSS reader. For now, I’ve been marking these links “do not share”, so they don’t go into the RSS feed. But that’s really not a satisfying solution for a web 2.0 geek like me – I love to share things!

I had imagined I could have Feedburner splice all my del.icio.us links except ones tagged “baby” into the RSS feed. That would be simple and elegant. Except I can’t see a way to do that.

So what do you think I should do?


24. January 2008 by Jill

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