the cover for my book on blogging is ready!

cover of my book on blogging!I’ve got two more days to finish up the final version of the manuscript for my book Blogging, and it’s going pretty well. And look, the cover is ready! The book is part of a series called Digital Media and Society (the first book in the series is Mark Deuze’s Media Work), and so the books have a uniform sort of look, with the grey, black and white and the rain of zeroes and ones. Andrea, my wonderful editor at Polity, asked whether I had any particular ideas for the cover image, and when I asked Scott he suggested a megaphone, which is what the designer has chosen to use. I think it looks great – I like the semi-see-throughness a lot. And it looks a bit like a steering wheel, which you know, I’m the navigator of my blog, that sort of fits, though I’ve no idea if the designer intended that.

Also it’s my book! Look, there’s my name, right there in the bottom corner! Hooray!

Update: Here’s the Table of Contents.

17. December 2007 by Jill

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