ugliest ebook ever:’s Kindle?

Amazon's Kindle ebookSo have you seen that Amazon’s going to be selling an ebook of its own called the Kindle? It looks pretty ugly, doesn’t it, and yes, we’ve seen ebooks before, but apparently this one will be different because it’s got wireless connectivity and will hook up directly to, allowing you to buy books and do anything else you do on Amazon from the book itself. Which might just work. Despite the device’s rather extreme ugliness (how much un-cooler could you make an ebook?) it does have a keyboard, something that the previous generation of dedicated ebooks pretty much all lacked.

It was announced on Engadget back in September, but Robert Scoble’s all excited about it today, linking to a feature on the Kindle in Newsweek and hinting that he’ll say more himself once he’s no longer bound by an NDA that expires tomorrow. Which I suppose is today given he’s in California and I’m in Norway.

19. November 2007 by Jill

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