In Norwegian, the word hoygravid means “high-pregnant”, or extremely pregnant. I only recently discovered that there’s an official definition of the word: when you have 40 days until your due date, you’re h¯ygravid. Or at least that’s what the word is on the Norwegian pregnancy websites.

pregnancy calendar

So today is the day. I’m h¯ygravid – extremely pregnant. Our baby’s due on April 14, which is just 40 days away. My maternity leave starts on March 24, which, what with Norway’s lovely extensive Easter holidays means that I only have twelve work days left, including today. This is clearly a good thing, as it’s getting harder and harder to concentrate on work. Quite apart from the rather frequent need to nap, my mind seems far more into babies than the web these days – unless the web helps me think about the babies, of course. I’ve been ignoring my RSS feeds lately (very weird for me) and instead reading Barnimagen.no, Babycenter.com and doing numerous googles for topics like “acupuncture in preparation for birth” or “sleep and newborns”.

I think instead of guilt-tripping about the lack of blogging I’ve been doing and my utter disinterest in my RSS feeds I’m going to just succumb to all these mothering hormones and assume that in time, I’ll once again find news about web 2.0, social software, blogging, online narratives and so on intensely interesting.

Until then – well, I’m sorry but I don’t think there’ll be a whole lot of blogging going on here… I should of course have blogged Hanne-Lovise Skartveit’s most excellent defense of her PhD last Friday (congratulations!) and our new exchange and network agreements with Raine Koskimaa and Kimmo Lehtonen’s MA in Digital Culture at the University of Jyv‰skyl‰ in Finland and with Lissa Holloway-Attaway, Maria Engberg and Talan Memmott’s BA in Literature, Media, and Digital Culture at Blekinge Tekniska Hˆgskola in Sweden. I would have blogged that I got the proofs for my Blogging book, too – proofreading that is my last major task before I’m out of here.

I’ll be back from maternity leave in January 2009. And I have no idea how or whether I’ll blog between now and then. We’ll see 🙂

05. March 2008 by Jill
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