if you want your video to spread, for goodness sakes let people spread it!

screenshot from Nina Bachke's videoThere are a number of politicians on YouTube. Arbeiderpartiet (Labour) probably has the most thorough approach, with a dedicated channel for their people that they started back in April, though it’s still mostly just plain talking heads in small boxes saying hi, I’m NN, vote for me. Nina Bachke, who’s running for Mayor in Oslo in this September’s local elections, has a video that’s a little better than most, though certainly still embracing the amateur aesthetics. She situates herself as one of today’s parents by talking about when she grew up (with still photos of prominent people cut in), talks about how much has changed since then, and what sort of things are important for our children (cut to shots of her talking with kids in some parade). Finally the prime minister recommends her. OK, that’s not astounding, but it’d probably do the trick.


Embedding is disabled by the user’s request. Comments are switched off. Ratings are switched off.

Do these people not want people to watch their videos? What on earth was the thinking behind stopping people from reposting the video – here in my blog, for instance, or in the Facebook groups dedicated to Nina Bachke. She apparently has no profile on Facebook herself yet, though she has a blog, of sorts, set up by Arbeiderpartiet.

But the un-embeddable, comment-disabled YouTube video is the top hit on the Google for the woman that the Labour party wants to be the Mayor of Oslo. Oh dear.

11. July 2007 by Jill

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