smith and andersen

Damnit. Saw Matrix Reloaded tonight and I realised that in the brief, semi-obligatory reference to The Matrix in my thesis I wrote Mr Andersen when I meant Smith. Mr Andersen is what the evil sentient software agents call Neo. Agent Smith is the generic name of the infinitely replicable, evil, sentient, software agent. I can see how I made the error: the agents repeatedly say “Mr Andersen” whereas Neo hardly ever says “Smith”, so of course I associated the words Mr Andersen with the agents…

I wonder if they’ll lock me up if I change Mr Andersen to Smith in the 40 copies I have to make for university libraries around the country, when/if my thesis passes. I mean, just imagine the ignomy of having such a horrific pop-culture error in libraries for ever. I would never live it down.

Blogging the debacle seems the only way of living through this and keeping any remnants of honour I have left.

07. June 2003 by Jill

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