The sound of my keystrokes is accompagnied by the voices of women laughing as they walk home, the distant closing of office doors and a soft drizzle of rain against the constant hum of cars and city. I think summer’s arrived with its quiet opening of time. I have a big pile of essays, websites, MA theses and weblogs to assess by the end of next week but the weekend’ll be full of novels read lazily, sprawled in the sun (or in case of rain, on my colourful new doona cover), of friends over for a dinner of ravioli and rocket, a movie, some beers and a long walk in the mountains. It’s a long weekend too, one of those Christian ones I can never remember what is for. We already did Assumption, so it’s not that. I can’t remember what Pinse is in English, apart from a Monday off work.

06. June 2003 by Jill

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