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Presidential candidates for the 2008 US elections are popping up left right and centre, and no doubt, they’ll be heavy on the internet. John Edwards actually has a YouTube account, video log and all (presumably his aides update it for him, but still) – and although some of his videos are kind of clumsy, others definitely play with the casual YouTube aesthetics – look, a chance capture of a conversation about multi-millionaires paying minimum wages, followed by music and cheap computer titles just the same as we can do ourselves. I assume someone will write about the rhetoric of political YouTube videos, right? Probably a lot of people. Would make a nice thesis topic.

Me, I hope Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama gets the democratic nomination and then, the presidency. About time there’s a woman or an African American president for the US. Actually, I’d been wanting Hillary, but she voted for the war, and kept posing with the military – and honestly, what’s with this keep-it-in-the-family presidential thing? Nah, Barack Obama’s looking better (we’ll have a woman next time) – he seems to have done a great job in Chicago and Illinois, and he’s young and, um, kind of looks like a movie star, and obviously has a professional production team. Which I know shouldn’t matter, but well, then again, maybe it should (not the good looks but the well-kempt looks and the production quality), it’s certainly part of the rhetoric a statesman or -woman needs to master today, just as the ancient Greeks or Abraham Lincoln needed to master a different style of rhetoric. And he’s playful. I mean, look at this:

Mind you, Barack doesn’t have his own YouTube account yet. Does he need it?

29. December 2006 by Jill

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