blogs i’d like that i don’t already know about

Remember how Blogdex used to tell you which blogs you might like that you didn’t already link to, based on the blogs that you did link to? Well, Blogdex seems to have last been updated in 2004, and Technorati‘s completely taken over as the main blog portal, but they won’t tell me who I might like that I don’t already know about.

I mean, yes, of course I follow backlinks to bloggers who’ve linked here, well, when I have time, anyway. That’s often interesting. But I must be missing out on so much more.

And this morning I’m in much more of a “go explore the blogosphere” mood than I am in a “do the things on my to-do list” mood. It’s my research day after all.

To-do list here I come.

  • edit wireless memo
  • description for K.
  • ideas for H.
  • links for B.
  • work on wrapping up project E.
  • wash the stairs

28. April 2006 by Jill

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