genuine student blogging as an strategy to attract new students

Kristin was one of those students who in her second week of the web design by blogging class I taught last spring said “I want my own domain, and which blog software is the best and I don’t care if I have to learn php to set it up?” She’s been blogging ever since at Dietro Vetro. Enthusiastic students rock. This semester she’s UiB’s professional, potential-student-catching blogger, at

I actually have a little bit to do with it, since some of the information people at the university contacted me a few weeks ago to see what I thought about the idea of running a student blog. It was great fun spending half an hour talking about ideas with them – almost made me feel like one of those groovy experts who spends all her time just chatting with people and brainstorming and then moving on without having to do any of the dirty work. Most satisfying. And it really is so cool working at a university where they’re up for trying new ways of doing things.

It’ll be very interesting to see how the strategy works in terms of luring potential students to actually apply for our university. I think I’d be captivated if I were a potential student, anyway. Kristin’s very up front and funny about the fact that she’s being paid to do this, and I know being paid to blog changes things. Her first post is great – I mean, if I were a potential student, I would love being able to read about how a real student lives, what a flat costs and what kinds of things a bunch of students sharing a house get up to. There are useful links to sites with info about houses, but they’re not presented boringly, and there are fun links to her own past blog posts about how a rat died in the kitchen wall (yuck) and so on.

Does anyone know whether other universities have tried this kind of campaign?

17. March 2006 by Jill

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