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The summer I worked as a guide at the Edvard Grieg museum at Troldhaugen I lost every need for social contact. Every single day between 1000 and 1500 tourists visited the museum, and because of the way the museum was set up, I smiled to every one of them, reminding them to be careful because the house was fragile, chatting with many about their journeys and of course telling them about Edvard and Nina Grieg.

When I got home at night I was exhausted. I wanted to be alone. My usual love for people was completely drained by the intense social contact of the day.

Blogging feels a bit like that to me now. My working life is so filled with people, students, meetings, administrative needs and emails with small tasks that must be attended to that there is no room for blogging. Blogging requires calm enough to think.

Of course, blogging also creates space and time in which to think. Right now, though, I feel as though I’m already doing enough of my thinking in public.

I’ve tried writing an essay about all this. It’ll be published later this year, in Axel Bruns and Joanne Jacob’s anthology The Uses of Blogs. I’m not entirely happy with the essay, but it’s a try at figuring this out, anyway – and the other essays in the book look very promising.

31. January 2006 by Jill

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