why so slow?

Ooh. I’d like to go to this conference in Oslo on women in academia – not least because Virginia Vallan is giving her Why So Slow: The Advancement of Women talk, which Hanna wrote about a while back. Also, because I keep noticing I’m the only women in situations where I don’t see why there should be so few women – in a committee at the arts and humanities faculty (which has more women than most fields) or in the university’s IT reference group or in my university’s mac user mailing list discussions. Or there was that talk I gave at the media department (the media department, not physics) where there were about forty male professors and grad students in the audience and two women, one a student. What’s up with that? Where did the women I studied with go? I’m not likely to get to the conference, though: I’m coming home from Christmas holidays in Australia just before it, so I think I’ll content myself with watching Vallan give her MIT version of the talk on video. Must put aside time to actually do that soon. (via Torill)

08. December 2005 by Jill

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