the guilt of christmas

Oh dear. This year my lass actually has the freebie that came with a Donald Duck magazine as an advent calendar, and that’s it. Not that she doesn’t seem happy about it, but seeing Looby Lu’s makes me squirm with guilt. It’s even environmentally friendly: activities, not toys! The Donald Duck one won’t really lead to toys, just to rampant commercialism and unrealistic Christmas wishlists: turns out there are little quizzes every day and you go to the website and guess and you can win this ridiculous assortment of snowboards, game consoles and electronic guitars. And get stuck playing games on for an hour.

I’m such a bad mother. I mean, just look at that beautiful box of origami-papered activities. Oh dear. It’s almost made worse by knowing that it probably didn’t take more than 30 minutes to actually just do. And she has a Flickr set.

No, haven’t put up any decorations yet either.

07. December 2005 by Jill

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