Testing Flock

I thought I might as well have a go and try out Flock, the new browser that integrates social software – so rather than having bookmarks, it hooks up directly to my del.icio.us account, and rather than having a “blog this” bookmarklet on the toolbar, there’s an icon of a pen that lets me blog through the browser, even offering to set me up a blog if I don’t already have one. If this publishes, I guess that worked.

So far (after about two and a half minutes) it seems pretty cool. I’ve seen lots of criticism of doing this as a whole new browser (a “fork” of the Mozilla code) rather than continuing to work within the mainstream of Mozilla development, doing this as extensions or something.

I like the idea of “The Shelf”: “a scrapbook for interesting web content that you want to blog about later.” And apparently it’ll track pages I visit often, so that when I’ve been using the browser for a few days I’ll be able to quickly look at my actual favourites rather than what I think are my favourites. That might be interesting….

Oh, and despite the many warnings about how this release of Flock is developers only and full of potential bugs, it was super-easy to install and so far works glitchlessly.

So lets see how it goes.

24. October 2005 by Jill

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