sold more of our soul to microsoft

[Edit 18/10: I’m not sure I’ve read enough about this, to be honest – I can’t find the actual media archive online, and rereading this third party account it sounds as though it’s meant for viewing through a TV not a computer. And of course I should research it properly before writing about it, but well, sorry, didn’t have and don’t have time. It seems like a topic worth someone investigating though…]
NRK put huge amounts of television content online. I payed for that content to be made, along with generations of other Norwegian tax-payers and licence fee papers. But I can’t access it easily, because they’ve locked it up in Microsoft’s DRM (Digital Rights Management) so that my Mac struggles to access it. If they’d released the content in an open format (and they could still, say, limit use to Norway by blocking IP-numbers outside the country if they wanted [edit 18/10: they don’t, to my knowledge, do this now, though I’ve never been able to play their web TV on my Mac]) I could access the content.

Cory Doctorow has a really good short piece about why locking content up in a proprietory format is a terrible idea. Here’s just one reason abdicating control to a huge monopoly is a bad idea:

Norwegian production companies rely on huge state subsidies, direct and indirect, to fulfill the crucial role of providing cultural identity to a small nation. But Norway’s many innovative tech companies provide an equally crucial service to Norwegians: offering economic independence and self-determination. To lock up Norway’s culture in a wrapper that can’t be opened by a Norwegian tech company is economic and cultural insanity.

17. October 2005 by Jill

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