the response a future reader will write

Yesterday I considered deleting my blog and trying to become one of the unGoogleable elite. Of course, with my job, I can’t be ungoogleable. I probably couldn’t remove all trace of my blog from the internet, either, even though I could remove it from the server(s) and ask to remove it – there’d still be traces, I’m sure. And probably, after a few weeks, I’d change my mind anyway and want my blog back.

You see, I’m struggling to finish an article about the virtues of research blogging. I think the cause of my intense desire to disappear my blog is the image that came from nowhere of a future reader of this as yet unfinished article thinking doing a search for my blog, finding nothing, and writing an article (or blog post) in response about the irony of one of the early proponents of research blogging being ungoogleable in 2007.

Kind of like when Michael Joyce, father of hypertext fiction, decided not to have a web identity anymore.

Gotta be an early adopter, ya know. And unGoogleability might be the next bit thing.

11. October 2005 by Jill

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