games and video blog event tonight

Tonight at 7 First Tuesday’s hosting an evening with free drinks and talks by game developers and technologists titled Creative Industries ñ Gaming, 3D, Videolog & networking. Yeah, right here in Bergen. Goodness. Found thanks to the portal some students at Infomedia have set up to blogs run by Infomedia students and employees, past and present, where Frode, Eirik and Linn have all posted about it. (Btw: I love the automatic blog-creation based on RSS feeds, but I want an RSS feed for the TOTALITY of Infomedia blogs, too!)

I won’t be going – this week already has its fair share of baby-sitters what with Audiatur and its digital poetry and Aesthetics of Play, with video games, WoW and an exhibition on art games! I love all the stuff happening in Bergen though! Yay!

11. October 2005 by Jill

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