does iTunes have to respect angrefristloven?

It had to happen sooner or later: I got carried away on iTunes and bought a whole album that I thought I used to own on LP, but five minutes later I realised I own it on CD as well and had already ripped the CD and added it to my library. What a waste. Paid for the same music twice. Well, three times if you include the LP version I bought when I was eighteen.

Luckily, in Norway we have angrefristloven, “the regrets deadline law” (that sounds weird), a law that protects consumers from impulsive purchases outside of a shop, and allows us to return goods bought, no questions asked, within ten days of purchase. I wrote to iTunes, citing this, and explaining the circumstances, and received this answer:

We have issued a refund for 88.00 Kr for this accidental/duplicate purchase. The credit will be posted to your account shortly. Note: We are only able to provide a refund for an accidental purchase once. This is an exception to our terms of sale.

Which is lovely — except that they appear to think their sales aren’t covered by angrefristloven. There’s no doubt that post order sales and internet sales are covered by this, and such outlets are required to send information about the law with the goods they sell. Perhaps iTunes’ sale of intangibles would exempt them from this, though I doubt it.

Anyway, I wrote to forbrukerrÂdet (the consumers ombudsman) and asked. Hopefully they’ll add it to their F.A.Q. I can’t be the only person to have made a stupid purchase at iTunes.

21. September 2005 by Jill

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