what my character could buy for 100 gold

The current exchange rate on Runetotem, the server I’ve mostly been playing World of Warcraft on, is 100 gold coins for US$11.10. Rates vary quite a lot from server to server, and gold on US servers seems to be systematically cheaper than on European servers. Cheaper labour, perhaps. The differences between Alliance and Horde gold aren’t too big, it seems.

As a still low level warrior, my mind boggles at what I could buy for 100 gold coins. The armour! The equiptment! Maybe even one of those bird things to fly on!!! Though I guess I’d need to level up to pilot one. (Castronova’s paper on how EverQuest has an economy as important as any UN sanctioned nation state is of course the required reading on this matter.)

20. September 2005 by Jill

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