seeing further than the tip of your nose is very difficult

There’s an absurd article in Dagbladet today, about how bloggers are trying to learn some of the techniques journalists already know so as not to be seen as second rate journalists, which of course is how bloggers are usually seen. By journalists, anyway. The journalist also claims that “most blogs are about politics or media criticism”. I guess he didn’t really do his research properly on that one, huh? Susan Herring’s content analysis of weblogs is one of many sources that shows the opposite is true, though journalists of course prefer to see blogs as second rate journalism. Update: Torill is as usually both more knowledgeable and eloquent than I about the blog/journalism dispute. Me, I simply decide mainstream media is nonsense. She, well, what do you expect of a woman who’s been teaching information and journalism for years, she actually analyses that gut emotion.

08. May 2005 by Jill
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